Audiobook Editing, Proofing, and Mastering

Audiobook Editing Service

Try Before You Buy!

Send me a five-minute sample of your raw audio, and I’ll return it to you as an edited and mastered MP3 file. If you aren’t impressed by the results, you’ve lost nothing but a few moments to send the email! Email your sample today to

My Audiobook Editing, Proofing, and Mastering Packages

If you’re satisfied with the sample work, consider booking my services for your entire project! I charge based on the finished hour of audio and will issue an invoice once you approve the final files.

Note: To estimate your project’s runtime, divide the total word count by 8,800. This calculation will give you a rough idea of the finished hours your project will require.

My 2024 Rates

  • Full Editing, Proofing, and Mastering: $95 per finished hour (PFH)
  • Mastering Only: $20 PFH