Meet Hannibal Hills – Audiobook Narrator

How I Can Help Bring your Words to a New Audience

Let me bring the truth of your writing off the page and into the minds and hearts of your listeners.

As a professional narrator, I devote myself to understanding a text, and bringing the essence of the writing to life with my voice in a way that creates true entertainment and understanding.

I bring my three decades of experience in performance and business to every project, and know that we have to strive for a greater excellence in all we do.

My vocal style is warm, clear, and sophisticated. I also bring a depth of honest emotion that comes from feeling the performance and essence of every line. Although I specialize in dramatic fiction, especially involving complex plot and highly charged emotion, my non-fiction is performed to, in a way that uses performance to bring the truth of the text to both the heart and mind of the reader.

My Passion for Performance

I have been a “performer” from the beginning, whether entertaining my mother with a book read, or the whole family with puppet theater from behind the sofa. At school, I won two awards, a commendation for original voice work in the school radio show, and the “Inspector Hound Award for Contribution to Drama (a small dog shaped hood ornament mounted on a small wooden stand, that used to sit proudly on the mantelpiece).

I trained in Acting and Theater Arts at Southampton College, and also received a Diploma in Television. Although I performed in many stage plays (by Lorca, Brecht, Stoppard, Pinter, and, of course, Shakespeare), I also helped produce original works, and soon found myself mostly in the directing role.

My Studio

At the beginning of 2018, I moved from recording in a local recording studio, to setting up my own recording booth and workstation in the spare room of my house here in in Wilmington, NC.

Additional Services

In addition to my core narration work, I have also worked with authors on other aspects of their business, including web design, logo design, cover design, and producing short promos for their written and recorded work to be featured on podcasts or local radio. I feel a personal investment in every project I take on, and actively work to boost reviews and sales. My work doesn’t end in the booth. I understand that a truly successful creative project takes continued work and promotion by a team. Every day we can take our work to new heights of excellence, and we do that together.

When not involved in audio, I can be found officiating weddings (yes, more performance), and have written two books on that subject: The Complete Celebrant Handbook: How to Officiate Weddings, Memorials, and more, from Beginner to Professional and The Humanist and Non-Religious Celebrant Handbook.

I live in Wilmington, North Carolina with my amazingly talented fiance Janine.

Hannibal Hills - Audiobook Narrator