Hannibal Hills: Biography

It’s a supreme pleasure for me to bring good writing off the page and into the minds and hearts of listeners. As a professional narrator, I devote myself to understanding a text, and giving a book life with my voice — in a way that creates true entertainment, enlightenment, or merely an escape. My vocal style is warm, clear, and sophisticated, with a depth of emotion from connecting with each project I take on. I specialize in dramatic fiction, especially involving complex plots and highly charged emotion, and I devote myself to understanding and performing a text in a way that brings the truth of the text to both the heart and mind of the reader.

My Passion for Performance

I have been a “performer” from the beginning. At school, I trained in Acting and Theater Arts at Southampton College. Although I performed in many stage plays (by Lorca, Brecht, Stoppard, Pinter, and, of course, Shakespeare), I also helped produce original works, and soon found myself mostly in the directing role. More recently, in March 2020, I won the “Best Newcomer” award (no small feat for this middle-aged guy!) as part of our regional media’s annual theater awards. In March 2021, it thrilled me to receive three IAA nominations. I was also a top wedding and memorial celebrant, before I could no longer fight the urge to leap into audiobook performance!

My Services

At the beginning of 2018, I moved from recording in a local recording studio to my own recording studio in my home. I am constantly refining my production practices to make the most of every recording and producing session, and scouring the web to be sure I’m using the latest, greatest technology.

In addition to my core narration work, I have worked with authors on other aspects of their business, including web/logo/cover design and producing short promos for their written and recorded work to be featured on podcasts or local radio. I feel a personal investment in every project I take on, and I believe a successful creative project requires continued work and promotion by a team. Teamwork is essential to achieve new heights of excellence, and it’s an honor to contribute to that effort.

Producing and Publishing

In 2021, I launched my own audiobook publishing company, Royal Wave Media, Inc., and we have licensed and produced many terrific new titles since we began. Our audition roster contains around 250 professional voices of all types, and we are looking to double our output of titles and sales in the coming year. Our company mission, however, will always be quality over quantity. We give each project the care and attention worthy of the passion and craft each author invested in creating their book. We also try to pay the highest rates to both our authors and voice talent.

I live in Sanford, North Carolina, with my ever-patient wife Janine. When not recording or producing, I practice and teach meditation, and am a very keen amateur gardener.

Let’s Create Something Special

Do you have an audiobook you want to produce, with a great voice and professional production — at the right price? Contact me today, and let’s talk about turning the vision into reality.

Most of my contracts are for “per finished hour” rates, but I also consider royalty share offers. My per finished hour rate includes all recording, mixing, mastering, quality checking, and music rights (if needed).

I can work to accommodate tight schedules without sacrificing quality or passion for your project, and can turn edits around very quickly, often the same day.

I look forward to working with you!