What Listeners Say About Narrator Hannibal Hills


Forest of the Damned Audiobook

“Hannibal Hills has an excellent creepy voice, so if you want a horror story read to you it should be from Hills. His voice has the ability to get you stressed out and on the edge of your seat. His narration and accent makes everything a bit more intriguing as he escorts you through woods that you were warned to stay out of.”
“Now Hannibal Hills has a horror stories perfect voice… I said it… PERFECT. He has this perfect pitch and tone. I can’t get enough of his accent. There isn’t another narrator I would want speaking Lee Mountford’s eerie and ultra crazy words!”
“I loved Hannibal Hills narration, he’s not at all over the top, like some horror narrators, but is great at building up the tension.

Horror in the Woods Audiobook

Hills did a fantastic job and has definitely jumped to the top of my list for narrators. His voice of Henry was so great I could picture him perfectly in my mind.”
“Hannibal Hills delivers one of the best performances I have ever heard on Audible!
“One more thing: the narration is EXCELLENT. I want this guy to narrate my own book. Five stars, well earned!”

Slimer Audiobook

“As always, Hannibal Hills does an impeccable job of narrating the story. You can hear the energy he puts into each character’s voice and his performance is first class. His voice definitely lends to the feeling of being alone and scared on an empty oil rig in the middle of nowhere.”
“This was good,like a B movie.You know what is coming,but still cringe. Excellent narration by Hannibal Hills brings it up a notch.
“This was just plain fantastic 80’s horror goodness. It is wonderfully narrated and lots of creepy imagery. I highly recommend to any horror fan!”

The Demonic Audiobook

“Hannibal Hills performed the voices with skill. His performance left one shuddering to one’s core when the demonic evil spoke. He was spectacular! His talent carried the terror beyond the pages and gave them a voice.”
“Hannibal Hills delivers a fantastic performance (even when voicing demons!). I will be looking for more work by both the author and voice actor!”
“The narration was fantastic. I save my five star rating for the best, and Hannibal Hills deserves one.

The Mark Audiobook

“Hannibal Hills has an excellent creepy voice, so if you want a horror story read to it should be from Hills. His voice has the ability to get you stressed out and on the edge of your seat. His narration and accent makes everything a bit more intriguing and holds your hand as he leads you down a dark narrow hallway.
Wow! Just wow! A really fantastic horror story! Hannibal Hills is a terrific narrator.”
“Some narrators really fit the horror style and Hannibal Hills is one who’s going on my list. Not only does he do a good job of voicing the characters, he adds emotion and drama to the story and rather than just transcribing it in a different medium aides it to go beyond it’s original form.

The Turning Audiobook

“The storyline and self sacrifice hit me hard. Amazing characters and great backstories. The narrator’s voice was perfect. This is going on my favorite shelf.”
The narrator was amazing and was able to give the characters life. There were times i was cheering for the characters or willing them to succeed.”
The writing and narration combine flawlessly to totally immerse the listener into the lands that the characters traverse.”

Tormented Audiobook

“I LOVE the horror genre and really enjoyed Tormented. Very well written and beautifully narrated. Torment, gore, horror, violence… it’s all there. If you can handle it! 😉 If you’re easily squeamish about horror/gore, you may want to think twice, but for those of you up to the challenge… DO IT. Disturbingly delightful, GREAT HORROR audiobook!
The narrator, Hannibal Hills, does a wonderful job! He gives the characters their own voices and emotions, truly bringing the story to life.”
“Mr. Hills really captures anger and aggression to the point where it becomes unsettling- perfect for this genre! I do hope he will read more horror in the future.”

Unknown Audiobook

Hannibal Hills’ narration is fantastic. Hills is quickly becoming one of my favorite narrators, and, in fact, was the reason I chose to listen to this book.”
“The narrator performed so well that I am going to look for his other projects. He made it very easy to know which characters were speaking and he just made it a fun experience.
“Hannibal Hills is an amazing narrator. There’s something about this voice that gives me the willies instantly! I don’t know if it’s all in my head or all in his voice but it’s perfect for this horror/scary type of book! Great job Mr. Hills! Can’t wait to hear more!”

Worms Audiobook

“Top notch narration added a little extra something here, as good narration will. The pacing and tone and realization of the characters came thru expertly and made the story that much deeper.
“The only thing that’s better than the story is the narration. Hannibal Hills was the best choice for the story. One compliments the other making Worms the best audible so far this year.”
“The narration was excellent. In some stories there are certain words that get repeated to the point that it becomes a bit of an annoyance. In this story, the word was obviously “worms”. That said though, I actually loved it. As the story went on, each of the narrator’s pronunciations of WURRRRRMMMS perfectly relayed the increasing horror and disgust that the protagonist had to be feeling.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down Audiobook

“The best thing about the whole thing was Hannibal Hills narration!”
“The performance was very well done and it was easy enough to tell characters apart by the voices the performer gave to them. There were subtle tone and pacing changes which did add something to the story.
“It was a really fun story, and well read by English accented Hanniba! Hills. Great character voices, well paced, and delivered with nicely intoned, enthusiastic expression.

Krampus Audiobook

“I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and the narration was really well done, with evocative characterizations and a professional polish.
“The narrator does an incredible job with all the characters, voices and overall acting. He was a lot of fun to listen to and I am looking forward to listening to this book again with my kids.
“Hannibal Hills does an impeccable job of narrating the story. His accent lends to the overall feel of the story and his character voices are perfect.

Neccabashar Audiobook

“The narration is VERY well done and really brings this story to life. I pretty much binge-listened to this and finished it in a day because I was enjoying it so much.
“The narrator for the audiobook Hannibal Hills was fantastic. I love his voice. FULL STOP. His character voicing was great and I knew who was who, which is sometimes hard if you don’t have a quality narrator. Hannibal Hills is quality.”
“The narrator, Hannabal Hills, was fantastic! His voice reminded me of Tom Ellis from Lucifer. Just a perfect fit. He did voices for the different characters and his narration was very smooth and very pleasant on the ears. Just like Neccabashar, he can cast a spell.”

Neccabashar II Audiobook

Just released! Watch this space!

Paranopoly Audiobook

The narration by Hannibal Hills is really enjoyable. This is my first time hearing an audio performance from the talented narrator Hannibal Hills. Mr. Hills provides excellent voices to the characters in this cast of characters from his voicing of the seemly sad sack character of Simon to the opposite side of the coin Nina. I really enjoyed his narration during this audio performance and look forward to hearing more of his work in audio productions. The production quality of this audiobook is also the highest quality.”
The characters are wonderfully portrayed with warmth and humour. The lovely narration adds to the listening experience. I came away entertained and with a warm feeling.”
The best audio book I’ve had for a long time. I give it 100 out of 100.”

The Book of Kindly Deaths Audiobook

Just released! Watch this space!

Urban Fantasy

Warlock for Hire Audiobook

“The narrator Hannibal Hills did an amazing job bringing the voice to life and his delightful accent only made it more enjoyable. this cannot be stated enough – Hannibal did an excellent job and I would be eager to hear other books he narrates.
Hannibal Hills narration on bringing Eddie to life is incredible. I just loved it when he went on a rant speaking directly to me and then remembered he was tell no his story coming back with oh where was I now. Love love love. Can’t wait for the next book.”
The narration by Hannibal Hills might well be why this book is so engaging.

Warlock Wanted Audiobook

The narrator is perfection at bringing the story and characters to life.”
“This series is the greatest combination of writing and narrating I have ever listened to, and I listen ALOT.”
“Like the last time, Hannibal Hills does a great job narrating, and he fills in the Eddie attitude admirably; so much so that when Eddie does speak directly to the listener you get the feeling that it really him doing the talking, Hills just happens to be providing the throat.”

Dark Warlock Audiobook

“The narrator of this book is fantastic. He does a great job with each voice for each character.
“This was one of the most entertaining books I’ve listened to in quite some time. Hannibal Hills was freaking awesome with the narration.
“The performances of the voice actor bought the story to life.