A Very Happy New Year from Hannibal Hills!

Thank you to everyone who listened to my audio work in 2023, or helped support one of my other projects. May you all find 2024 to be a year of success, new happiness, and a reaffirming of the best we each have inside us!

Some Highlights from 2023

I’ve had a very fulfilling audiobook journey in 2023. I recorded three more stories in the terrific Inspector Shadow series, with more coming next year. The series has been licensed for television, and I know John Shadow and his companions would make marvelous additions to the TV cozy mystery stable. I finished the captivating Tales of the Revenants series by Tom Newton – a fresh, exciting, and beautifully written take on modern vampires. I finished the 62- hour Dominus series by J P Kenwood, a breathtaking, steamy epic of love and politics set in ancient Rome. Lee Mountford’s Darkfall series combined action and horror in a dark historical landscape full of very cleverly crafted mystery and darkness. I also got to tick off a long-time bucket-list item by narrating a book of classic folktales – all eighteen hours of the Watkins Book of English Folktales that included the original versions of all the classics and some obscure delights, with over 200 different characters to voice, and an introduction by the great Neil Gaiman (!!!).

There were other projects this year that I will always look back on with fondness, and I can’t mention them all here. But special thanks to Zachry Wheeler for letting me voice his dimension-hopping Max and the Multiverse, and to Douglas Kuehn for choosing me to produce and narrate his wartime spy thrillers, The Addlestone Chronicles.

I’m very lucky to wake up each morning truly excited to start the workday. And it would not be possible without listeners like you. So, thank you for how you’ve enriched my year and my life. And my biggest thanks is always to my wife Janine, my soulmate, my rock, my best friend, my companion, and the wise angel on my shoulder!

Folk Tales
Darkfall Collection

Elsewhere in my 2023 story

This year, Janine and I were finally able to realize our longtime dream of visiting Iceland. We had great luck with both the weather and the Northern Lights. It feels like there are sights of breathtaking beauty to be had at every turn, and the people have a sort of contented maturity that nourishes the spirit in these turbulent times. I would recommend everyone add an Icelandic adventure to their own bucket list if they can! We both certainly hope to return one day.

Aside from narration, I have also been working far more as a producer, finding books for other voices to record. And my company, Royal Wave Media, Inc., is also moving into print publishing next year. 

Another exciting project I completed this year is Sleuthy, the database to help narrators prospect for unproduced titles. I hope it helps many in my field save a lot of time and find some valuable work leads. You can read more about this at getsleuthy.com.

I’ve continued my meditation journey this year. With each year that passes, mental and physical wellness feel more important, and morning meditation is the anchor of my day. This was also my first year completely alcohol-free. I wanted to try this out to help support my mental clarity and physical vitality – and the benefits have been enormous. I can already feel that I have added years to my life just with this one change!

It was also a year filled with laughter, learning, romance, trials survived, and obstacles overcome. Janine and I will both look back on this year as one of the good ones and are excited for what’s still to come.

What’s Coming in Early 2024

I have some exciting new audiobook releases coming in January, with many more to follow later in 2024.

First up, releasing on January 2nd, is a collection of essays by the late, great Christopher Hitchens. It was an honor and a challenge to give voice to Mr. Hitchens’s work. I hope he would have liked what I did with it, and I’m grateful to the team at Hachette for the opportunity. Also releasing in January will be the final volume in the Haunted series by Lee Mountford, titled End of Days. It has taken us three years to complete this nine-book epic together, and I hope it will go down as a landmark series in modern horror. Later in 2024, we will be returning to the Lovecraftian horrors of the bestselling Darkfall series.

Here’s to a marvelous year that brings bright new chapters to all your stories!