Enter Stage Write - Audiobook

Out Now On Audio… Enter Stage Write: Stories to Enjoy While We Wait in the Wings 

These 15 original stories, donated by authors to help keep local theater alive, are fun, quirky, imaginative, and bold – the perfect way to tide over audiences until local stage curtains can once again rise! Each tale turns the spotlight on some unusual snapshot of life or imagination.

With new shows – and the resumption of those shows forced to pause during the pandemic – casts and crews will be once again ready to entertain you, and to bring the laughter and applause back to our stages and our lives. Until then, sit back, let us entertain you, and know that your purchase has made a big difference for local artists…while we all wait in the wings.

Includes the following stories:

  • “Very, Very” by Melissa Randall
  • “Stars of Stage” and Screen by Joel Perry
  • “A Ring of Truth” by K. Robert Campbell
  • “8 Minutes, 20 Seconds” by Josh Bailey
  • “John Willis Hostler” by Skip Maloney
  • “Potty Stop Perils or The Trials and Tribulations of Public Restrooms” by Charlotte Hackman
  • “The Sarpy County Incident” by Kenneth Vest
  • “Emma’s Mission” by Shawn C. Sproatt
  • “Smiles in Stormsville” by Kim Henry
  • “Coppy” by Gwenyfar
  • “Discovery” by Eduard Schmidt-Zorner
  • “A Quiet, Decent Place” by Anne Russell
  • “Grenadine”, the Kudzu Queen by Wiley Cash
  • “Ace” by Philip Gerard
  • “Arrival and Departure” by Clyde Edgerton

Narrated by: Marie Andrascik, Rebekah Carmichael, Alisa Harris, Hannibal Hills, Jen Ingulli, Jane McNeill, J Robert Raines, Steven L. Vernon, Caitlyn Wolfe, Jordan Wolfe, Jay Zadeh, Amanda Young, and Brett J. Young.

What reviewers are saying…

“I’m local to Wilmington, NC and I bought this book to support local theatre and talent. What I wasn’t expecting was to be blown away by such quality and entertaining stories.”

“This book of short stories was written by theatre people in Wilmington, NC as a way to keep their little company from going under during the Covid blackout. It is a very clever idea and a great read. Not only does it help a group of talented artists, but its extremely well done.”

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