Max and the Multiverse was a blast to record!

The audiobook of Max and the Multiverse by Zachry Wheeler has just been released. It’s an award-winning romp through space and probability, very much in the style of the great Douglas Adams. I loved performing these characters. Max is the kind of hapless but likable nerd that is always a blast to voice. But, a special place in my heart goes to Ross, his snarky, sarcastic, and far more competent cat, who slips between many forms as Max leaps through from reality to reality. I produced this book through my own production and publishing company, Royal Wave Media, and the two sequels will also be coming to your ears later this year.

An award-winning sci-fi comedy about a nerdy teen who tumbles through the multiverse.

It’s spring break and Max is stuck at home all by himself. Just the way he likes it. He games online, feasts on junk, and wonders why his cat can suddenly talk.

Thanks to a bizarre mishap, Max has started shifting between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction and one that steadily erodes his sanity. Day after day, he awakens to a strange new reality and struggles to make sense of his surroundings.

But then one day he awakes to a hyper-advanced version of Earth where humans have colonized space. Determined to fulfill a lifelong dream, Max and his cyborg cat venture into the black only to entangle themselves in an intergalactic conflict.

Max and the Multiverse┬áis a Readers’ Favorite five-star selection and a Global Ebook Awards gold medal winner.

Now, try a sample chapter:

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