Hannibal Hills – Audiobook Reviewer Team

If you are a regular audiobook listener and reviewer, I’d love for you to sign up to be a part of my regular review team, and receive free, promotional copies of any of my new books that you might enjoy.

To sign up, simply enter your details below, and I’ll contact you as new books become available. You’ll need the link to your reviewer page, and the image below tells you how to access that. Simply go there, copy the address from your browser address bar, and paste it into the form.

If there is an existing audiobook you would like to listen to, drop me a line at han@hannibalhills.com, and if I have any remaining review copies, I’d be happy to send one! Let me know whether you have a US or a UK Audible account.

If you are on Facebook, please also join my listener group to receive news of new offers and bonus materials. You can find my group here:

Thank you for listening and reviewing!

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