The Haunted Series Reaches its Apocalyptic Conclusion!

The nine-book horror epic ‘Haunted,’ crafted by the master of terror, Lee Mountford, has finally reached its magnificent finale this month with the terrifying conclusion, ‘End of Days.’ Over the last three years, I’ve grown very attached to these characters and will be saddened to bid them farewell. However, Lee did not leave us in suspense; he concluded each character’s storyline in a beautiful manner. I am hopeful that his readers will appreciate the care taken with the characters they have also come to cherish. Based on the feedback received thus far, the conclusion has been a success!

2024 marks the sixth anniversary of my collaboration with Lee, starting with our first audiobook title, ‘Horror in the Woods.’ I look forward to many more spine-chilling adventures.

Congratulations to Lee on crafting this genuine horror masterpiece!