The Little Ship is a Winner!

The Little Ship of Horrors by Vee James has won an 2020 Sci-fi Award

I am overjoyed that The Little Ship of Horrors by Vee James (and narrated by me) has been honored with a 2020 Sci-fi award. This wonderful comedy romp was such fun to narrate with, as always from Vee, a terrific cast of characters to sink my teeth into.

You can read their full review here:

And, if you haven’t listened yet, you can pick up a copy right here:

Space. The FinalFrontier . . .
Unless it gets eaten by a houseplant.
This is the voyage of a luxury space liner. And a janitor named Chuck.
Every day, Chuck dreams of being the captain as he sweeps up the refuse of the rich and famous flying to distant vacation planets.
When he finds a small house plant, as lonely and neglected as he is, Chuck gives it a little water. As the space liner moves through the galaxy, the little green plant grows…
And grows. Bigger and BIGGER. Until finally, Chuck is out of space.
It’s the perfect sci-fi-comedy for Trekkies, Stormtroopers, Galaxy Quest lovers, and armchair SpaceXtravelers!